A New Adventure - with an Old Skillset

I know so many of you are young women, starting your lives, getting engaged, getting married and having your babies.  I have had so much fun working with young women, and through these interactions, I adored you and developed such a motherly bond with you all.

As an older woman, a wife, a mother, and yes {gasp!} a grandmother, I enjoy watching these moments so much with all these special women who have become a part of my creative life.

As a tribute, a change, and maybe a natural transition to this, I have decided to start shooting weddings.  Now, I have shot a few before, and I have said I will never do it again, but the love and shared glee that I feel watching "my girls" grow and evolve and the constant "when I get married you will shoot my wedding, right Nikki?!" has made the decision seem to have become a natural transition in my life and my career.

I want all my #NikkiBrides to join my world, my community and realize I want you to be a part of my life, of my community and to not just be a "client".

If you want to become a #NikkiBrides, I would love you to use my hashtag in all your personal Instagram posts, and to spread the excitement of your wedding, and join my new wedding community!  If you know someone who is getting married and want to be one of my first wedding's, please share this, join my #NikkiBrides community and welcome into my fold.


I am focusing to start on only 12 weddings a year.  One a month.  The reason for this is so that each one gets all of the attention and time it deserves.  I've been a portrait photographer for a long time, the technical and creative aspects to photographing a wedding are the same things I do every day in my UNWedding work.  For this reason, I will not offer reception coverage, only the events leading up to it.  If you really want the reception covered, I'll make sure to find you a photographer that LOVES covering the receptions!

My first wedding has been booked - in a magical winter wonderland in December.  The bride is so beautiful and the surroundings and environment are so spectacular that I am over the moon with excitement, so stay tuned for my first 2017 #Nikkibrides to be shared and displayed with the world!

Wedding Instagram:  @nikkiharrisonweddings