Artist Musings

My love of art, in the true sense of the word, goes back.  I am enthralled with the renaissance period. Its rather ironic really. Photographers try so hard to "perfect" the person, skin, colors, etc. and painters try so hard to bring that realism back to the image they are creating.

I use photography to create art.  It is but one tool in my tickle trunk - not the only one.  My love of art and painting has merged into my style and my brand.  There is nothing more meaningful and true to my passion than creating art.

Recently I worked with a whole group of women from Vancouver, they are gorgeous, young, talented designers, and models.  We worked together to showcase their designs in a modern spin of the old Master's styled paintings.  I am working on an incredible image that I have yet to complete or reveal, but it is going to be one of my most loved pieces when it is complete.  

In the mean time, here are a couple images I created from a that effort.