Beauty & Wisdom

In Canada we don't have a "Seniors" Portrait market.  We do, however, have many amazing Senior Citizens.  Last summer, I decided to embark on a project.  This project was to show how women in the "twilight" of their lives, can still dress up, and show the world they are beautiful, powerful women.

So many of our youth now, tend to "google" everything for answers.  In my younger years, the best source of wisdom and information was our older relatives, mainly our mothers, grand mothers, and great grandmothers.  Especially during my time as a soon to be and young mother.

The noise and constant ebb and flow of information on the internet has really become a battle ground of information.  Constant arguments about who is right and who is wrong.  

I miss the days where we respected the opinions of the women who raised us, had been through it, and knew the answers.  Our older relatives now are not appreciated nor respected for their knowledge and opinions as much as they should be.

I wanted to bring the attention back to these beautiful women.  Sure, the age is apparent, the flesh that we travel within, through our lives eventually starts to slow, sagging from the years lived, wrinkles from thousands of hours of smiling, crying, giving birth and living this blessed life.

I plan on continuing this project, I think we need to take more images of our wiser demographic, they are not invisible, and they should be heard as well.

Feel free to share this post if anything I said resonates with you, or, if you just think the images of these three women are remarkable, in any kind of way. Beautiful imagery we are seeing every day should really include this silent demographic as well.