The Cost of High End Portrait Art - Affordable for Everyone

I live in a small market.  There are really expensive, high end homes here, worth millions of dollars.  The problem is, the demographic that lives in them, typically are only around a month or two in the course of a year.  They live in other places, where they earn their living.


My demographic is a much more median type of household income.  So how do I get paid the value of my time, talent and equipment, in a place where the population says they can't afford me?

The issue is that, yes, my work is expensive.  As with any other product, you get what you pay for.  But this is the day and age of priorities, and appealing to a demographic that has no problem spending hundreds of dollars a month on eyelashes, hair and nails can be challenging.  iPhone photography is "good enough" and it is, it has its place, but not hanging in an ornate frame as a 30x40 on your wall.


Most of us, have artwork hanging in our homes.  Some of us value beautiful surroundings, it is what makes our house a home.  So what I suggest is, instead of throwing money away on the trivial things you spend monthly, considering investing in your artwork for your home, by decorating your walls with you, your family, your loved ones.  Portrait art does not have to be boring, mundane and typical.


Here are a few examples of how incredible artwork can look in various decorating styles in homes.   The joy of eyelashes, nails and hair is fleeting and lasts mere weeks.  Why not spend some of your hard earned cash on something substantial, that will last long past your lifetime - allowing your next generations to hang them in their homes?