The Making of an Artistic Portrait

I live in a smaller community, with a lot of young families.  I moved here for many personal reasons and my photography was not one of them.  I have a lot of interest in my artistic portraits, but I seem to have fallen into the $150 portrait club.  There are a lot, like most towns and cities across the United States and Canada, with burgeoning and upcoming, new and hobby style "photographers".

You could very likely hire many of them for $150, get a cd of lower quality images, or "good enough" images.  This is the way of the world with easy access to DSLR's and Social Media, quick out of the box website building sites.

So when I get asked "How much do you charge?" I prefer to get a phone number, give you a call, chat about the process, expectations, what is involved and what you can expect.

I can't easily just "send a price list" out because their are so  many varying things that could be easily misunderstood, or processes that are not clear in a simple price sheet.

"Why are you so much?"

First, for what I do, and the time and talent that I have, the cost is based on product and the quality of the art you get in return.  The years (and I mean years) it took for me to learn and hone my skillset to be able to produce this type of art.

I am not a photographer.  I am an artist.  So the camera is just one part of my method to creating. The posing and placement of light, props, are key to the overall resulting piece.  The ability to strongly work with my equipment and know it inside and out, is not something every photographer can do well.  This is fact.  The selection of the images for the final product is important.  Lastly, the ability to manipulate the pixels in Adobe Camera Raw and photoshop are my canvas and my brush.  I have a talent that is not easily replicated.

When you hire me to create for you, you are getting something no one else can do.  This is not common, it is a high end product.  So in saying this, the acquisition of luxury items tend to be more expensive, because they are rare and valuable.

For example, below is an image taken outside in the winter of my grand daughter.  I had no flash with me, it was a very quick couple shots, because she was cold and not altogether into getting her picture taken that day.  But the after result is stunning and an image I will cherish for always.  Which one would you prefer?  The sentimental value of the art piece is priceless.  Putting a price tag on art is difficult at best, but worth paying a premium for a luxury item that is not easily accessible.  would you agree?


There are many ways to incorporate art into your home or your interior design.  But wouldn't it be more personal to make that art of someone that means the most to you?

Here are a few more examples of photography versus the art I create.