Artistic Fairy Portraiture

Fairy Portraits has been something Nikki has enjoyed creating since the first year she started photography.  The evolution of them has been remarkable to watch actually.  She was featured in Calgary on Shaw TV, showing the incredible imagery in the making.

If you would like one of these exceptional, rare keepsakes, here is what you can expect:

Costumes are included for most sizes*
Up to three people in one portrait {wings included}
Studio or Outdoor Available
Sessions last for between 10 mins and 30 mins, depending on the subject(s)
{children do not have a lot of patience for much longer than this}



Studio Sessions

Studio offers the complete control over light, set and mood.  Easy in, easy out and perfect results technically every time.  Due to the fragile nature of the equipment we do not offer these sessions to children at ages where they are incapable of listening.  Outdoor sessions recommended for ages toddler to 3.


Older Children - Moms & Daughters

These artistic images are some amazing keepsakes for generations to come. Invest in art for your home that represents the people in your life, and it will stay a part of your life for the future.  Wardrobe for mom's is possible as well, we carry an extensive amount of fantasy gowns and skirts for women in our studio.


Outdoor Sessions

Outdoor Sessions offer a wide variety of possibilities, from floral chairs (like this one) to magical forests, any time of year.
Outdoor sessions are only offered to children ages toddler to 3, due to the fragile nature of the studio equipment.