Painted commissions are much more thought out, planned than a studio or outdoor portrait.  These are a group effort between Nikki and you and your family.  The steps involved are much more in-depth and the talent required is much more highly specialized and unique.  There are no other digital artists in the interior of BC that have this unique talent and style of commissioned artwork.  Typically these portraits are delivered very large and can be created from a 20 inch up to a 70 inch art piece for your wall or mantel.

The process starts with a visit to your home, or via images, to determine the spot for the commissioned piece.  Then you develop the look and feel of the style, wardrobe to accent or balance with the decor of the space where it will be placed.

Once these aspects are decided and chosen, Nikki will discuss styling and wardrobe, and begin to plan out the entire look of the heirloom piece.

You will also choose the frame(s) for your art pieces during the home visit as well, so that it goes well with your decor.

The date and time of your photo session will be planned, hair and make up will be discussed and Nikki will recommend people she works with to assist you, if that is part of the overall plan.  You will pay your hair/make up artist directly for their time and talent, it is not included in your sitting.

Once your art piece has been painted and printed, Nikki will deliver the artwork to your home directly, and have it installed for perfect placement.* {Kelowna area residents only}

For further information or to book your consultation, please contact Nikki here.