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Pamper Yourself Wall Portrait Event


When was the last time you did something just.  For.  You. 

Pamper Yourself - sit back, grab a cold beverage, snack on delicious treats.  Get your hair and make up done, listen to some music.  Laugh, get beautiful, enjoy being pampered. Choose any style of art - boudoir, elegant, romantic… anything your heart desires!


You probably have artwork hanging in your  home, we all do.  Flowers, maybe a scenic view.  Perhaps an enlightening verse.  What if, you walked into a room and on the wall was an incredible piece of artwork, in a beautiful frame, of a stunning woman.  A truly astonishing piece of artwork that took people's breath away.  Is it you, is it a stranger?  Hard to tell by the angle of the face… could it be?  Yes, yes it could be and IS.  Its perfect.

After your amazing day in studio, when you return to your viewing session you will be presented with 4 works of art to choose from.  Purchase all, or any of them.  The creation fee will include a $200 credit towards your final wall portrait.  Oh, and these are meant to go on your wall, not tucked away on a phone or in a drawer.  Sizes start at 16x20 and go up from there.


I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.
— ~ Madonna
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