75 Adobe Camera RAW Presets


75 Adobe Camera RAW Presets


Are you shocked and amazed that you get SO MANY ACR presets in this bundle?  YES you do!  I couldn't divide them up, they belong together.  I will build more as technology changes and I need to offer more current sets.


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To install ACR presets in Photoshop, please download and unzip the presets you purchased from us and place them in the following location:

• Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
• Win(user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
C:Users-[user name]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Make sure you only copy the preset files (.xmp) into the 'settings' folder, specified above, as folders are not supported in Camera Raw.

If you are on a Mac, the Library menu may be hidden, depending on your operating system. To reveal it, hold the Option key down while selecting the “Go” menu in the Finder.

If you're still having troubles finding the 'Settings' folder, you can also save a file within ACR and search for it on your computer. When found make a shortcut to the 'Settings' folder either in your sidebar or as a desktop shortcut for easy access.