The Process

Determine what type of art you are most drawn to, is this a couple's shoot, maybe a classic child portrait, perhaps a celebration of the woman you are at this point in your life, will it be an art piece for your living room, bedroom? What are the personalities of the subject(s) like? 

During your consultation we will discuss:

What types of clothing photograph best, will your bring your own, or would you like use of mine*.

A full understanding of the investment you’ll be making.

The most suitable areas of your home for your art pieces.

The artistic process, the artist's "version" of you & your loved ones.

A full understanding that there are no "changes" to final commissioned artwork once completed, and you understand that this is an artistic vision by the artist.

All provided artwork comes with artist's signature, every portrait you purchase will come with an accompanying small digital file that has a watermark placed in an area to prevent online stealing as well as unauthorized printing.



Couples - Family

Couples Art doesn't have to be ordinary.  Play out your most beloved Fairytale if you like.

Child Art

Our Child Art can be anything your imagination dreams up.  Discuss your child(ren) and tell us about who they are, what would be the most amazing art piece that would be cherished for generations, that encapsulates you child and who they are.


Classic Portrait Art

The Classics

Family portrait art that is timeless, and an heirloom piece to pass down for generations.

** cannot facilitate all sizes for wardrobe, please discuss with Nikki as part of your consultation to make sure she has something that you can borrow.  If not, here in Kelowna there is an amazing Costume store called Calowna Costumes that have incredible time period pieces etc. for rent.